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Learn About Gourmet Dinner Spices, LLC.

As a health-conscience company interested in healthy diet practices, Gourmet Dinner Spices, LLC. of Lake Stevens, Washington, is an online business selling various types of natural spice blends at affordable prices. Our owner has more than 20 years of cooking experience and starting learning at an early age from her parents, both family heritages were from Mississippi and with a rich southern cooking background. Her dad went to French culinary school which also influenced her cooking. She lived in France for over a year, which also expanded her knowledge of balancing foods and spices. She has also provided catering for weddings, family gatherings, and other events.

Owner's Story

Hi, my name is Tobi Rich, owner of Gourmet Dinner Spices LLC. I love to cook, and when I am not cooking, I'm usually thinking or reading about food. It is a passion for me. I truly believe that life is too short to eat bad food! I have been cooking for many years. My siblings and I started cooking at home when we were still in grade school as one of the household chores. We all had a day of the week that we helped prepare dinner for the family. I learned early that the ingredients that you were cooking with were not as important as the presentation and most important, the taste of the dish. I have learned a lot about food over the years and look forward to sharing my knowledge, dishes, experiences and experiments with you and yours with me as well. Bon Appetite!  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide products, knowledge and success stories that will help produce healthy dishes without compromising quality or flavor by only using natural ingredients and without any fillers; also creating more value for our customers. We also aim to help the environment by using products that create a smaller footprint in the environment.